The Horses’ Water Trough and the Cross

During the period of the Knights of St. John, this area was known as Piazza Croce, referring to the Cross which can still be found here.  There is also today a replica of the animals’ water trough, which used to be located here as well.  Up till the mid-1950s, this was the principal entry point into Żejtun for traffic coming from Tarxien.


Dignitaries visiting Żejtun were greeted here, as happened when Grand Master De Rohan visited the village in 1776 for the feast of St. Gregory.  A triumphal arch was set up at this point for the occasion.

Memories from the past

St Gregory’s Procession entering Żejtun from Tarxien

Other places of interest in close proximity:

Casa Perellos

The Primary School

Church of the Holy Spirit

Villa Curmi

Location Map